About us
Based in Clapham with clients nationwide and overseas

Mohabirs was founded in 1977 by S Mohabir (senior) and moved to its present position in 1995. It has experienced Partners, qualified Legal and Conveyancing Executives and knowledgeable and enthusiastic support staff. 

The company is accredited under the Law Society CQS scheme for conveyancing, indicating the high standards that have to be achieved by legal firms to be awarded this quality assurance mark.

All members of staff receive a variety of ongoing training to ensure that they are fully conversant with current legislation and practices.

Within the organisation, our staff also speak Romanian, Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi and German.

We treat our clients as individuals as they are the ambassadors of our company and our satisfied clientele spread the word of our professional and friendly service without our need to advertise.

We endeavour to provide a consistent, high quality service, with realistic pricing structures that will not break the bank whilst ensuring high standards.